Frequently asked questions

360 Reviews are powerful

360 Reviews are powerful tools, but few people look forward to them. We think we’ve cracked that.
Here are some answers to common questions:

If you’re the Subject

How do I invite people to feedback on me?

Add their details into AdviceSheet, and we’ll invite them to participate by sending them a secure link to a series of questions.
What questions do you ask?

We ask 12 questions that we've found to elicit the most insightful responses, across a broad range of industries and professions. You can view them here.
How many people should I invite?

We recommend you invite at least 6 of your colleagues to contribute:
• A minimum of 2 of your Managers
• A minimum of 2 of your Peers 
• A minimum of 2 of your Reports 

It's a good idea to have more than two in case they don't respond or are unavailable.
And best if you let them know first.
How long do they have to respond?

We encourage people to respond within 2 weeks. However people can contribute at any time until you close your review, so it is up to you how long it stays open for.
What if they don’t respond?

You can track how many people have responded in your dashboard, and send out reminders and invite a few more to participate if needed. We’ll also send reminders a couple of times a week.
Can I thank participants for their feedback?

Yes, AdviceSheet allows you to do this after the report has been compiled, whilst keeping it all anonymous.
Who sees the results?

Only you and your coach will see the results. Other colleagues and co-workers won’t see the report unless you send it to them.
What’s the best way to review the 360 report?

Once we’ve collated all the feedback, we compile it into an anonymised report, which you can access from your dashboard and download as pdf. A warning here: don’t try to absorb the feedback on your own – that’ll only end in tears.
Find someone who can host a conversation to go through the report with you and invite them to use this tool with you.

Who is my coach?

You should go through your report with a trusted advisor or coach. This can be anyone you choose. It could be your line manager, it could be a peer, it could be a dedicated coach or mentor. It should be someone you trust to help you acknowledge your strengths and recognise your weaknesses. 
I am nervous about seeing the feedback how safe is this?

It is normal to feel nervous about seeing your feedback. We all worry that people think badly of us. The thought that they might tell us something awful is terrifying. In fact most of us have an inkling where we could improve and won’t be surprised. If you do have blind spots, surely it is better to know so you can do something about it?
AdviceSheet is designed to give balanced feedback. There is as much to learn about your strengths as your weaknesses. It is a really appreciative process. Our experience is that people respond with generosity, compassion and kindness. They are also candid and direct.
AdviceSheet is designed to give you feedback to help you learn and get better at what you do. It is all about your personal development. Unless you are perfect there will be something to learn, something to improve on. Reading that might be uncomfortable, but you can’t learn if you are stuck in your comfort zone. 

How secure is AdviceSheet?

360 feedback can be significantly more sensitive than someone's home telephone number. We take that seriously and make use of appropriate measures to ensure personal data are properly protected.

No one will be able to access your feedback except you and your designated coach.

My whole team is doing this will we get overwhelmed with reminders?

Busy people get enough email as it is. Getting overwhelmed by feedback requests during 360 season sucks. AdviceSheet sends emails when you invite someone to participate. If someone is invited by more than one person at the same time (e.g. if your whole team is doing it), or if you prompt a reminder, we won’t email them more than once a day. They will get a summary email with all of the outstanding requests and reminders listed. AdviceSheet generally only sends reminders twice a week, unless you prompt an additional reminder manually from your dashboard.

If you’ve been invited to feedback on someone else

Will they be able to identify me?

AdviceSheet reports are 100% anonymous. The results from the surveys are anonymised, randomised and collated into confidential reports. So the subject of the report won’t know who said what, or be able to identify anyone directly.
So if you’re wondering if they can work out your identity when you contribute, we’ve done our best to make that difficult. 
So can I let rip?

Er, we don’t advise that. Don’t worry about having a negative impact on your co-worker, but do be honest, constructive and respectful. The feedback will be absorbed in a conversation with a coach who will help them appreciate their strengths and acknowledge any weaknesses.
Help I don’t know what to write

Here’s some tips for providing good 360-degree feedback:
  • Make your feedback straightforward, honest and respectful
  • Don’t write a book
  • Do make your key points
  • Provide examples to illustrate your most important points
  • Don’t expect to see the subject act on your feedback
  • Do use the experience as a growth opportunity

We’ve included some guidance with the questions inside the tool too.

Can I opt out?

Yes you can. 
It's not always the right time for someone to participate in a colleague's review. If you decline the invitation to take part the subject will know to invite someone else. You can decline at any point in the process.
Can I save and come back later?

If you need to give a question some thought over a couple of days, or you get called away halfway through, there is no need to worry. All of your responses are saved as you go. We recognise that these questions do take some thinking about, and can take more than a few minutes to respond to. That’s why the feedback and advice they generate is so valuable and why it is so appreciated.
You can also review and edit your responses before you submit them, in case you want to reflect overnight.

Are my data and answers secure?

360 feedback can be significantly more sensitive than someone's home telephone number. We take that seriously and make use of appropriate measures to ensure personal data are properly protected.
Can I download my responses for my own reference?

Yes. Once you have submitted your responses you can download a pdf copy for your records. No one else can access your responses in this way.

What if I have more questions?

We'd be happy to answer them. Just email

If you’ve been invited to act as a coach for someone

What do I need to do?

Please accept the email request using the embedded link. If you need to decline that’s fine and will allow the subject to ask someone else. That’s all you need to do for now.

Once the subject has closed the review you will need to:
  1. Arrange a time to speak with them
  2. Download and read the feedback report
  3. Have a conversation with the subject.
Will I need to collate the results?

AdviceSheet will automatically generate an anonymous report with answers given in a randomised order. You won't have to do anything except download it.

How should I manage the conversation?

The report includes guidance for structuring a conversation if you are not sure what to do. The important thing is to help the subject make sense of the feedback, pay attention to their strengths, and reflect on any weaknesses without dwelling too much on them.

Will there be a lot to read?

Typically AdviceSheet reports are up to 15 pages of double spaced text in length. Normally you might want to allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour to read and digest the report ahead of a conversation. Reports can be longer if lots of people have contributed. There are no charts or data to analyse.

Do I need to do anything afterwards?

There is nothing for you to do afterwards, other than anything you arrange directly with the subject.