360-degree feedback reviews done right An end to un-insightful 360 degree feedback experiences

Too many people have had bad or un-insightful experiences of 360-degree feedback. Even more have avoided it completely. Below you’ll find a list of a few reasons why that might be. We want to help more people to get the insightful feedback they need to develop. AdviceSheet is built to help you do 360 reviews the way we believe they should be done.

It can feel like 360 feedback is being done to you

Sadly some people use it to help manage performance - as a stick to beat you with. What if 360 reviews were an exercise that you choose to do because you want to improve?

Too many managers and HR departments use 360 feedback to assess performance

When that happens kind teammates hold back and competitive colleagues will be biased. Subjects feel the need to be defensive, limiting the opportunity to learn and develop. What if 360 reviews were private for the subject's eyes only so they can hear what they need to grow?

Numbers kill conversations. Metrics treat people as machines.

So many 360 reviews present pages of bar charts. That’s a confusing way to understand how your behaviours affect others. How do you score someone out of ten on “Demonstrates drive and determination”? How do you make sense of the difference between a 5 and 7?  People need stories about how they are experienced to really understand how others see them. They need thought provoking questions to help them say what they mean. What if 360 reviews never attempted to reduce a person to a bunch of numbers?

There is no objective truth. No one perspective can give a full picture.

A review with your boss is such a narrow window on your effectiveness, it will only provide a limited understanding of your strengths and development areas. What if you always had multiple viewpoints from lots of people's experience of you?

If you don't ask the right questions you won't get the answers you need.

Few people can provide valuable insights when asked for "feedback". What if 360 feedback questions stimulated answers from people who think in all sorts of ways and it was always ok to skip a question?

Power dynamics exist even in the most high-trust teams

It's rarely safe for everyone to speak their mind and sign their name. What if 360 feedback was always anonymous to provide the safety required for honesty?

Digesting feedback on your own only leads to tears.

We can find it hard to be objective about personal feedback. We tend to overplay any negatives and gloss over our strengths. Reviewing 360 feedback on your own is never a good idea. Doing it with your boss might also be difficult.  What if 360 feedback was always used as a starting point for a meaningful conversation with someone you trust? What if your 360 feedback tool allowed you to choose who that is? What if it actually helped you have a really constructive conversation?

Gathering anonymous 360 feedback can be a logistical nightmare

It is 10 times harder than getting team menu choices for half a dozen meals in a row. What if the logistics became so delightfully easy that the feedback got better and you asked more often?

Business software is often built for people who never use it themselves

Few purchasing decision makers really understand what makes good software. What if your 360 feedback software put the people who use it most first - participants who provide feedback closely followed by review subjects?

Too many software providers focus on selling to the largest companies.

The best features and the best deals aren't accessible to micro-businesses and freelancers. What if 360 reviews tools trusted by large enterprises were accessible to everyone?

Most 360 review providers optimise for a slick demo, sales process and on-boarding experience.

Once you're in, you’re stuck. What if you could be confident that you can leave any software provider whenever you wish and take all your data with you painlessly?

You don't want to book a demo of some software

If the next step in buying some software is to speak to someone chances are you'll have to commit to hundreds of dollars in fees before you run your first 360. What if there weren't any barriers in the way of you starting right now?
With AdviceSheet we've made all those "What if"'s a reality. Try it right now - free for 14 days.
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